About Artist
My name is Brenda Marie Cruz. I am a 21-year-old female from the Bronx, New York, raised in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania. I recently graduated from Northampton Community College with my Associate in Communication Design for Print/Web.
I graduated from Pocono Mountain West High School and also spent my high school career at Monroe Career and Technical Institute where I received my certification in Graphic Design and was also deemed OSHA Certified.
I explore several types of art styles, but I am mostly drawn to styles such as minimalism, realism, and surrealism. The clean-cut simplicity of minimalism catches my eye. While realism and surrealism are the exact opposite of each other I love them both equally because of their authenticity and complexity. The work pops out the page while on the opposite side, it makes the work more of a flat and imaginative design. I have used these types of styles in my past work for clients. Whether I was creating logos, banners, posters, business cards, and even menus, these types of styles made the work interesting and just what they were looking for. I have done work for Monroe Country Technical Institute, Stroudsburg Area Music Supporters, and for small businesses like McHale’s Construction, Looks by Nadya, Drip Never Dies, Nadya Asha Boutique, and Special Tee Infusions. The work I do is different, unique, and yet still interesting and pleasing to the eye making me take much pride in my work. I am open and eager to learn new things and expand my knowledge while challenging myself in the world of arts.
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